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A note from the editorial staff

Naval Aviation News has a proud heritage. The United States Navy’s oldest periodical, it stands as the flagship magazine for all things Naval Aviation. As it has done since its inception, the magazine chronicles the development, deployment and transformation of the Navy’s aircraft and heralds the achievements of the men and women who fly and maintain them. Together, they make the U.S. Navy the world’s most powerful, respected and 
dominant naval force today and far into the future. For over a century, it has been an honor for Naval Aviation News to celebrate and promote the innovation, ingenuity and prowess of the U.S. Navy in flight.

Over the past two and a half years, the COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges. Just as our nation found many ways to adapt and overcome, we here at Naval Aviation News evolved as well, enabling us to continue fulfilling our mission to report all things Naval Aviation to the fleet, stakeholders and aviation enthusiasts.

Up until this point, we succeeded in finding ways to carry on with little or no disruption. But the long reach of COVID-19 recently hit our supply chain, causing the costs for production to increase dramatically. For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to cease producing the printed version of Naval Aviation News.

This does not mean Naval Aviation News will cease to perform its vital mission, however. On the contrary, as our fleet has evolved to keep pace with and get ahead of technological advances, we too are changing our mission focus. We are hard at work creating a robust, inviting and visually stunning online product that will carry the proud legacy of our print publication into the future. We will continue to produce a downloadable version of our publication for those who wish to consume Naval Aviation News in its original form. This pivot was one that we were already working toward; the supply chain issues simply gave us a strong tailwind.

Current subscribers will be contacted by the U.S. Government Printing Office with details regarding refunds for the remainder of their 2022 subscription. Questions regarding refunds should be directed to Official subscriptions to military and government agencies will also discontinue.