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News Article Guidelines

  • The subject matter of articles should be unclassified, factual and of professional interest to operational Naval Aviation personnel.
  • Authors should strive to ensure that all articles, especially those of a technical nature, will be understood by the widest possible segment of our readership. Acronyms, jargon, or other terms that may not be recognized by members of other communities must be fully described.
  • News items are short articles of approximately 500 words or less and should include at least one high resolution digital photo. These items most often appear in the Airscoop department.
  • News items are selected for publication based on timeliness and impact. If accepted for publication, news items will run in the next available issue.
  • All submissions will be edited for NAN style, clarity, message alignment and subject to editorial board review.
  • Submit news items to in a Microsoft Word document along with the accompanying photo, caption and credit.

Feature Article Guidelines

  • Feature articles are in-depth stories of approximately 1,500-2,000 words and include quotes as well as narrative. All submissions must include at least two high-resolution digital photos.
  • Before investing the time in writing a feature article, please contact the editor in chief at to ensure that your theme meets the editorial criteria of Naval Aviation News. If your theme is approved, the managing editor will determine the schedule for publication and assign a deadline. Preference is given to operational stories submitted by official sources.
  • Submit feature items to in a Microsoft Word document along with the accompanying photo, caption and credit.

Squadron Submissions

  • Prior to submission, all articles from official military sources must receive the approval of a commanding officer, the public affairs officer and the individual with public release authority.
  • Articles should focus on current and future Naval Aviation personnel.
  • Explain what makes your story unique. Has your squadron completed a major deployment, conducted a new mission, transitioned to a new technology, been activated or deactivated, reached a historical milestone, or improved the way you do business?
  • Send your articles to One of our editors will work with you to ensure the article is compatible with NAN style and intent.

Guidelines for Photographs

Photographs submitted with feature or news items greatly increase the odds of being published.Even if all you have is an interesting photo, please send it to us for consideration. Photographs and other graphics, such as illustrations or infographics, capture the reader’s interest and are effective tools for telling or enhancing a story.
  • Each digital photograph must be sent as an individual file, preferably in either .jpg or .png format (1-2 MB in file size). We need the highest resolution photos you can provide—preferably 300 dpi at size or a pixel depth of at least 2400 x 1800.
  • Submit photos via email along with a caption and photo credit, preferably in Microsoft Word.
  • Captions should:
    • Fully explain what is happening in the photo: the circumstances location, date and the names/titles/ranks/rates of individuals pictured.
    • Clearly explain the image’s connection to the theme of the story.
  • Credits should include the photographer’s full name and rate, if military.


Unless accompanied by a copyright notation, all material published in Naval Aviation News is in the public domain and can be reproduced and reprinted without the permission of the Department of the Navy, Naval Aviation News or the author. As a professional courtesy, however, we request that those desiring to reprint material inform the editor in chief at and credit Naval Aviation News as the source.